A Simple Way to Better Abs

There comes a time in most of our lives when we happen to pick up a Hollywood magazine and peek through the pictures of countless celebrities showing off their rock solid, totally chiseled bodies. One can’t help but to admire such physique, such a state of close-to-perfection. It is easy to chalk up Hollywood’s Finest’s blessed figures to having an abundance of money; and therefore any highly sought after trainer and training method imaginable. Not to mention a gourmet cook to closely monitor the intake of nutrients, calories and fat. What a life, huh?

In reality, though it may be easier to pay people to push you into physical fitness, certain rules still apply; whether you are financially wealthy or not. Excluding the plethora of abdominal exercises exalted as the body’s ultimate miracle worker, there is more to consider when imagining yourself in that itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini. The first of which is to ultimately take care of your body. We all have an innate muscular structure that would appear to be at least somewhat defined if it weren’t covered by the ever present layers of fat. So the first rule of thumb is to lose a bit of weight. Reducing your overall fat percentage will inevitably show a much nicer stomach, possibly already outlining the nice contour of your natural muscle tone.

Drink plenty of water. This will help maintain optimum metabolism, aid your body in pushing out toxins and decreased water retention that resides especially around the ankles and the midriff. This, too, helps in reducing fat intake because it helps your body naturalize the sensations of thirst versus hunger.

Cardio activity works to burn calories which will ultimately burn fat and slenderize the body. Less focus on a thousand abs crunches and more focus on your overall physical activity will ultimately change your body’s build. Whereas before professionals jumped on the ideal that in order to build the abs; one must perform continuous sets of curving the back, thus contracting the abdominal muscles. This does make a small difference, but an endless number of crunches will still not give you the body you are seeking on their own. On the contrary, the abdominal muscles’ innate purpose is to stabilize the spine, not curve it. This means that though the abs need to be worked out in order to reach their prime, the exercises that are most effective entail different posture than one may expect. Here are three basics positions to practice that will undoubtedly work your abs to better reach your goal of the quasi-desired six pack we all long for.

The first position is similar to a pushup position; but instead of placing your body over outstretched arms, you should bend the elbows, placing your straight body over your forearms. Hands should be facing forward and shoulders should be situated over the elbows. Hands may feel more comfortable if clasped together to form a sort of triangle on the ground. Now clench your abs, tightening as if anticipating a punch to the stomach. Hold this position at first for only 30 seconds before resting. Gradually increase your hold time to at least a minute, or perhaps longer.

The next exercise is what some call a mountain climbing position. This is best executed on a bench or similar apparatus (couch arm, etc.). In a diagonal pushup position, tighten your abs and slowly lift your left knee to your chest, maintaining the isolated muscle contraction. Pause for a couple of seconds, then slowly lower the leg back to the ground. Continue with the right leg and alternate for at least 30 seconds. After resting, resume the exercise for another 30 second set.

The third exercise is similar to the first, but it is a sideways position. First lie on your left side and then prop yourself up on your elbow, with your forearm parallel to the ground. Using your elbow/forearm as your base, raise your hips until your body forms a straight line sideways from your ankles to shoulders. Brace your abs, holding them tightly and hold for 30 seconds. Relax for 30 seconds, and then repeat on the other side.

Eat right and follow these simple exercises, and your abs are sure to peek through. Contrary to what Hollywood magazines elude to, it doesn’t cost a thing to reap the benefits of educating yourself on how the body works, and what actually works best for it. Utilizing simple but appropriate practices that are specifically geared to naturally work your body out will make all the difference. Stick with the few suggestions listed above and enjoy that perfect little bikini you’ve been waiting for!