An Oldie but a Goodie

One of the easiest and cheapest (hey… who isn’t looking for “cheap” ways to stay in shape nowadays!) fitness methods is the good ol’ pushup. The pushup certainly doesn’t burn a ton of calories, so for people with a large emphasis on weight loss, consider the ideas in this article as merely supplemental to whatever else you’re doing to lose weight. The pushup will, however, help build some muscle mass in your chest which provides for a fuller, masculine look. (Don’t worry ladies… the pushup still has plenty of pluses for you too!)

The “Drop and Give Me 20″ Regimen

This is the pushup method I’ve been using for a while now, and the one I advocate the most. At 3-6 points throughout the day, I stop what I’m doing, drop to the floor, and hammer out a challenging, but manageable number of pushups. When I started this regimen a few weeks ago, I was in pretty poor pushup shape. Simply dropping and doing 10 was pretty taxing for me. But sure enough, once 10 was really easy, I upped it to 15, and before too long, that got easy too! Now I drop and do 25 pushups about five times per day. My chest is fuller and stronger looking than ever before.

The reason I love this regimen so much is because it takes virtually no time. Like most people, the biggest hurdle I face in fitness is the “time cost” of getting ready to go to the gym, driving there, warming up, figuring out what exercises I want to do, etc. Working out in a gym is nearly a part-time job! Quite frankly, I don’t have the energy or the motivation to maintain a regular gym schedule.

My pushup regimen, while certainly a far less complete exercise than what you could attain in a gym, scores huge points for being a small time cost. It literally takes about 30 seconds for me to do 25 pushups. Think about that… that’s as long as a TV commercial!

Simply by taking a few such “commercial” breaks throughout the day, my chest is fuller, my clothes are fitting better, and my confidence is skyrocketing.

More Than Meets the Eye

You might be thinking, “geez… a pushup is just a pushup… let’s not make it sound like the cure-all fitness answer.” That’s perhaps partially true, but there’s a lot you can do with a pushup. Check out this push-up article for a few ideas on ways you can target different muscles by doing pushups.

While the primary beneficiary of pushups is your chest, other parts of your body like your shoulders, triceps, and abs can be strengthened by them as well. There is no one who can say they’re too busy to drop to the floor and hammer out some pushups a few times throughout the day. Trust me, I speak from experience, the rewards of doing so are lot greater than you’d think!