Artificial Sweeteners And Your Health

Sugar consumption, in all forms, has been rapidly increasing for more than 50 years. There is a ‘sugar epidemic’ and it is sweeping our Nation. The USDA reports that sugar consumption has risen to around 500% over the past 50 years. The percentage rate of sugar consumption in the US has been rising at a rate that is higher than the rate of population growth. Amazingly enough the rate at which high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has grown is nearly twice as much as sugar itself and the rate continues to grow every year.

Americans have expressed their demand for sweets and the manufacturers have replied. With this demand came the trend of substitutes widely known as artificial sweeteners. These substitutes became the “diet” and “light” alternatives to regular sugar and HFCS. The consumption of these alternatives began to increase tremendously but at the same time the studies of their effects began to increase as well. Americans began noticing the increased levels of illness and disease throughout the Nation and one study after another began emerging in an effort to find answers.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the affects of artificial sweeteners. Synthetic sugar substitutes have been proven to be as unhealthy alternatives. This is why most Eastern medical practitioners disapprove of its use and offer other forms of sweeteners. Aspartame is a widely used sugar substitute and it has been shown that this synthetic turns to formaldehyde in the human body under normal body temperatures.

A study at Purdue University has also proven that the substitute saccharin caused increased weight gain in rats fed a diet containing this element over other rats that were fed sugary foods. This information was published in Behavioral Neuroscience journal and throws doubt on the supposed benefits of this substitute used in conjunction with diets.

Since most of these synthetic sugar substitutes are approved by the FDA it is up to the consumer to decide what is right for their families, lifestyles, and bodies. There are so many choices and so many options in our society and we all have the right to decide what we think is best.

There is a sugar substitute that has absolutely no controversy behind it. This sweetener is getting rave reviews and only recently made it onto the shelves of your local supermarkets. It is called Stevia and it is not only wonderful when used as a sweetener but it also has health benefits. It is a low-calorie dietary supplement that helps to regulate blood sugar levels and it helps support the pancreas. Research shows that Stevia significantly increases glucose tolerance and inhibits glucose absorption. Stevia is a sweetener that can be used by those individuals who can not tolerate sugar or other sweeteners. Since it has no calories it is also recommended for people who are dieting.

We all want to be trim, healthy, energetic, and full of life. We also have the choice to live our lives to the fullest. In our world today we have so many options when it comes to the ‘sweeter side of life’ and because of the array of choices we are offered we have the chance to make the healthiest decisions to fit our needs and the needs of our families.

There are synthetic products surrounded in controversy and then there are natural products that provide not only taste but health benefits too. In a world of options, when given the choice, what will you choose for you and your family?