Computer Ergonomics for a Healthier Body

Do you happen to use a computer for extensive periods in either your home, or in school, or at the office? Perhaps you just spend a lot of time writing or drawing at a desk. Have you ever considered how important your body’s posture and the angle at which you hold your mouse and type at your keyboard are to your overall health and happiness while working on the computer? Have you ever considered the angle at which you write or draw with a pencil or pen for long durations? Have you ever even considered that perhaps your chair may not be set at the optimal height for your stature and your desk?

Many people don’t actually pay much attention to it, but ergonomics is extremely important to being truly productive in a healthy and sustainably happy way. You may be completely amazed at how your productivity can actually soar when your posture is correct rather than compromised by any lack of attention to your workspace ergonomics. So let’s take a look at some proper ergonomic guidelines for computer users and make some healthy adjustments to make you more happy.

1. The top of your computer monitor should be at or just below your eye level.
2. Your head and neck should be balanced and in-line with your torso.
3. Your shoulders should be relaxed.
4. Your elbows should be close to your body and also supported by armrests or similar.
5. Your lower back should be supported.
6. Your wrists and hands should be in line with your forearms.
7. You should be sure to provide adequate room for keyboard and mouse.
8. Your feet should be flat on the floor. 

If you use a computer at your office then be sure to have healthy ergonomics there. Employers are finally getting savvy, but if your employer isn’t yet aware that ergonomics matter then perhaps you should suggest your employer look at the employee care at such successful corporations as Google. Google understands what makes people more productive and apparently strives to provide them with what they need to stay healthy and producing at an optimal level.

If you are an employer yourself then you should certainly take a good look at your office ergonomics to make sure your employees are able to be productive without fighting the fatigue and discomforting distraction caused by improper ergonomics. Think of all the money you stand to gain from having happy and energetic employees who feel respected and may even enjoy the dignity of their workspace so much that they will look forward to being at the office. The productivity gained from a simple furniture adjustment or upgrade will begin paying for itself instantaneously!

Hopefully this quick guide has you on your way to healthy workspaces that will make you happier and more productive in your daily tasks. Always remember to check your posture while working and you will likely find you do everything more easily when your back is straight and your posture is good!