Diet Vs. Exercise

Over half of the entire American population is actually considered either overweight or even obese. Just as this problematic rate climbs, so do the inevitable risks that directly correspond to being overweight. Diabetes, coronary disease, fatigue, hypertension, and overall bodily discomfort are just a few to mention amongst the life altering, or even life threatening, diseases one faces once reaching a certain level too high up on the scale. This is not to mention the enduring mental and emotional stresses one encounters when being overweight overrides any sense of self esteem, confidence, or even a natural essence of one’s biologically devised energy. It is all too crucial to take our bodies, our God given vessels, seriously. We all dread having to maintenance or fixed a broken automobile, yet sometimes completely dismiss the upkeep and maintenance of our own personal vehicles. Of course, the right diet and exercise will surely do wonders when attempting to tackle a weight problem. Sometimes, though, it just seems a bit overwhelming to constantly watch everything that goes into our mouths, while constantly trying to fit an exercise schedule into our busy lives. So then, how do diet and exercise weigh against each other?

We are well into the age of awareness, with literature, television announcements, and highly educated professionals all around us, so it is very likely that we have all heard that in order to lose weight, one must be diligent with both diet and exercise. This is a true fact that will produce the greatest results when trying to reach an ideal weight. More acutely, however; it appears one is more valuable and productive than the other. Exercise burns calories, tones the body, initiates the resonation of energy, and absolutely gives the body a boost when finally taking the path of weight loss. On the other hand, whether we like it or not: we are what we eat. Constantly consuming an abundance of calories, saturated fats (and transfats), and even worse ingesting synthetic chemicals that cannot naturally dissolve (such as partially hydrogenated oils) in your body is your body’s biological nightmare. No matter how much you exercise, your body is still apt to create certain fat pockets, namely around the stomach, because it is in an overdrive of consumption. Not only that, but raw, natural foods produce enzymes needed to aid in the digestion of everything you put into your mouth. Increasing healthy, life supporting foods while diminishing the intake of high caloric, fat saturated foods, will inadvertently work in your body’s favor by automatically changing the metabolic structure of food processing. This will in turn, cause natural weight loss. Decreasing red meats, reducing dairy intake, increasing raw vegetables and also fruits, and drinking at least eight to twelve glasses of purified water daily will give the body less strain and feed it the proper fuel to function on its own accord, balancing itself out to a healthy status; which of course, includes an adjusted weight.

Such changes are just the beginning, though they are bound to show results. In time, gradual adjustments such as choosing organically, eliminating refined sugars and white flours, and replacing empty calories with energy rich, protein laden grains will be a heavenly step towards overall weight loss; comfortable and maintained. Of course, even adding a brisk walk or a few calisthenics or simply isolated muscle tenses while waiting in line at the grocery store will epitomize your new dietary endeavor to a lighter and healthier you. Watch what you eat.