Drink Plenty Of Water

The benefits of water are obvious yet people still choose bright sugary drinks as their beverage of choice. Water is beneficial as well as crucial for the normal function of our bodies. Knowing the sign of dehydration is very important. Surprisingly most of our headaches come from a lack of H2O. By knowing the sign of dehydration you can understand your body a lot better and treat it naturally. Besides physical benefits, drinking more water can actually help cut back your expenses drastically which is very useful in these bad economic times but you need to know which water to choose. Water can get pretty expensive if you get caught up in the fancy bottles.

Headaches, hunger, and fatigue are the more obvious signs of dehydration. We make countless trips to our refrigerators thinking that our bodies are asking us for food. Being that 75% of our body is made of water we need to constantly refuel throughout the day. You can find out exactly how much water you need by multiplying your weight by .06 and it equals the ounces you need to drink daily. Immediately you will notice feeling more energized, stronger and an increase in your ability to focus. Your hunger will be less frequent. If you suffer from headaches they will definitely get better. Say goodbye to all those painkillers. Your muscles will not be as sore and your body will not ache as much. Oh, and your skin will begin to glow. It won’t feel so dry. Your lips will stay moist and won’t crack when you smile. Your digestive system will work a lot better and with the right diet you might be on your way to a more normal bowel movement. It’s normal to have a minimum of 3 bowel movements a day. Your urine will be clearer and not as potent as before.

Now for your wallets, you can cut back on your supply on food because you don’t need to eat as much as you did before. You won’t feel as hungry. Groceries are getting pretty expensive don’t you think? You can also cut back on your purchases of pain killers. There will also be a decrease of doctor’s visits because your blood pressure will be healthier. Your heart and organs will work properly. You can prevent numerous diseases which in the long run will save you thousands of dollars let alone save you pain.

Fiji, Aqua panna, Zephyrhills, o my! So many to choose from! One thing that people forget is that water is water. You can have a taste preference but truth is if the labels are off and you are blindfolded, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between tap water and Fiji. The difference between waters is not the springs that they claim the waters are from. It’s the process of purification. Research and find which one is best for you. Dasani has a little sodium added for taste while others like Evian add minerals. Read the labels and make sure you are choosing the purest water. Check the bottling company. There are some that claim they are from a spring yet bottled in Utah. Look a little closer. I personally prefer a regular gallon of Publix brand. No sodium and tastes way better than my Florida tap water. If I lived in places like New York then I would drink straight from the tap. I don’t get it when people buy Zephyrhills water when they live in Florida if that water is from here anyway. They have the same water that we have coming through the tap. All you’re paying for is the plastic that makes it look better. There you go Florida, something to think about.