Drumming Aerobics

Looking for a great way to get a good upper body workout while doing something really fun? What if I told you that you could even develop a new and enjoyable skill in the process? It may come as a surprise to you, but there is a certain popular musical instrument that may just be the workout of your dreams. What is this amazing instrument? It is the first and foremost, the ancient drum.

Drumming is a great way to get some healthy exercise while having fun and learning a musical instrument. The drum is likely the first instrument a human ever played and also possibly the first exercise machine a human ever constructed. Rhythm is potentially even the first auditory human language. It is also likely the first sound a baby hears. Babies listen to the heartbeat in the womb and after birth their own heartbeat, although usually unnoticed, musically and rhythmically inspires them throughout their lives. It is an intrinsic aspect of human life and yet many people in today’s modern and supposedly advanced society have never even played a drum. It is sometimes very beneficial for us to strip back our lives and look at ourselves in a different way. Playing the drums, listening to the rhythm of a beat is one way to do this.

In cultures more in touch with human origins, drumming is almost as common as writing. It is sometimes even more common than writing, as some cultures that communicate over longer distances with drumming do not have nor possibly even desire a written language. The mind and body connection that occurs in the process of drumming often results in a euphoric and even meditative state where thought disengages and only the rhythm remains. The heart is pumping, the blood is flowing, and music is emerging in an ancient and blissfully ecstatic dance of rhythmic fitness.

The release of stress alone is enough to justify integrating drumming into a workout regime. It is somewhat apparent that it can easily be a healthier replacement for boxing, as it still provides the physical release, but in a safer and more socially harmonious way. It also involves no sport related blows to the head that may, if boxing for many years, later be an obvious drawback to the sport in hindsight. Drumming will also likely improve personal self-esteem and the ability to calculate quickly, without the loss of either since it has no sport related issues and no opponents. As an added bonus, drumming with other musicians is truly an amazing experience. There is nothing quite like playing music with a group of people. Some will even say that it is equally as enjoyable as the most popular human pastime, yet it can be done in groups while fully clothed in public.

The best way to start is to choose a drum to start with. In all honesty, a drum kit like many rock bands have is a really wonderful workout as it involves both feet and hands. It is no wonder that many rock drummers are really toned. The Djembe or Ashiko drums of African origin are also two very popular drums that can be a great upper body workout. It is good to find a class with a great teacher, but a good DVD or internet videos may suffice if the budget isn’t currently being allocated to such classes. In any case, simple repetitive practice is the key.

This is simply aerobics when it comes down to it. It is a practical application of a repetitive activity you would possibly be paying to do in a fitness club with no practical purpose. Now go get drumming and have some fun staying fit!