Fight the Underarm Flab

Underarm flab, also referred to as shopping bag arms, Mrs. Jiggles, or flappers, can often be a very embarrassing thing. To make matters worse, spring and summer come around every year, calling for tank tops, bathing suits, and other sleeveless apparel. As embarrassing as this menace can be, it is equally challenging to rid your body of the diligently clinging fat in that hard to target area. When body toning and gearing towards getting into shape, toned underarms and their smooth, sleek, beautiful appearance is right up their with a six pack and perky booty. It is also up at the top for last to achieve, too often than not. Here are some tips to make sure you are able to conquer the furious flab.

First of all, as with any consequential decisions, diet and exercise must become a priority. There are no magic pills to slenderize your arms, and lipo is downright dangerous (need I mention expensive). Eat right to win the fight! Fight against the fat that almost certainly deliberately dwells in hiding just underneath those otherwise lovely arms. Taking in proper nutrients and minerals, along with ample water supplies, will create a healthy, metabolically enhanced foundation to begin your new endeavor. While increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables, you are inadvertently reducing your fill of sweets. Cookies, ice cream, sodas, alcohol, chips, and candy are all lovely to taste, but the aftermath can turn out unsightly. When you hydrate yourself with enough water, your body will stop fooling you to think you are hungry when you are not. When you increase the amount of fruits and vegetables, you will not only be leaving less room for the high in fat, unhealthy food most of America considers part of a normal diet, but in time, you will also be decreasing the cravings for such junk overall.

Exercise plays an equal role in the fight against flab. It only make sense that if weight gain is directly correlated with the amount of fat and calories consumed on a daily basis; then the only way to reverse the affect is to either decrease such amounts to a level far lower than the amount one naturally burns throughout the day, or deliberately do physical activities that increase the amount of calories (and in turn, fat) burned in order to proactively begin shedding pounds. The latter is the wiser, and longer lasting. Such exercises may include walking, jogging, swimming, biking, roller blading, aerobics, elliptical, etc.

The combination of the diet and exercise will help shed weight throughout the entire body. Certain fat pockets are bound to go before others. This is where the underlying (get it?) problems arises. Underarm fat seems to be one of the last areas to disappear. As with everything pertaining to the body, especially muscles, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. Honestly now, carrying shopping bags will not do the trick. Carrying weights on the other hand, should. Add some simple weight lifting and toning exercises and you should be on your way to the proudest moment your arms have felt in a bikini in a long time. Light weight lifting begins to tighten up the area in need and strengthen your overall arms. Muscle helps to burn fat. Not only will the tightened, toned muscles create definition that is much more aesthetically appealing than bulging fat, but the muscle will speed up the weight loss process. Even if you don’t belong to a gym and can’t afford weights, simple exercises will make do. While sitting at your computer or watching television you can press you palms together at chest height, firmly, and begin to feel your arms burn. Pushups (even girl pushups on knees), pressing against walls for isolated muscle friction, pull-ups, lifting water jugs, curling grocery bags, even simple muscle tenses will start you off. The more often, the better. Get creative. While cooking, lift cans or jars of food, do shoulder circles with your arms straight out and rotating around the shoulder joint. Work specifically on the triceps which will greatly affect the underarm flab. Tighten those babies up and you will have earned yourself the spotlight for looking firm and trim in a tank top. Face it, we all want fantastic arms, and we all want to fight the flab. When facing an obstacle such as this, targeting the trouble spot and working it is only half the battle. The other half is making sure weight loss in general is happening by eating right and getting that much needed, very rewarding exercise in at least 3-5 times a week. I’ll happily raise my right arm to swear to it.