Fitness on Fire

Are you looking for something way more exciting and spectacular than what the normal fitness routine so common at health clubs around the world seem to generally offer? Have you ever marveled at circus acts performing apparently daring and thrilling feats of absolute acrobatic wonder and fearless displays of human possibility through perfection of body in harmony with pure focus of mind? Perhaps you would like a fitness routine that integrates mind and body so strongly that you are meditating while in motion!

Light your fitness on fire with some fire staff techniques and take your boring exercise routine to another level. While you will obviously not want to start out your first day with a whirling staff blazing its trails around your body, you can definitely start having a lot of fun from the first day. There is equipment available specifically for practice which has padded areas to protect you while learning how to spin and are just starting to get into it.

Spinning the staff is a wonderful way to get started getting some great exercise with fire dancing techniques. If you have ever played with any stick, twirling it about while imitating your favorite Kung-Fu action movie, then you will likely be enjoying the staff so much that you may want to practice as much as possible. Also, if you happen to have had any training with a baton at any point in your schooling or sports background then you are surely going to have a head start on spinning the fire staff. The fire staff specifically is an art form that has, in many ways, arisen from Hawaiian/Tahitian knife dancing, yet the modern form also draws from aspects of martial arts and also techniques arising from modern fire staff culture itself.

There are a couple of primary styles of fire staff, so choosing one to start with is the first step to begin your foray into staff spinning. You can choose from two short staffs that are essentially like batons or one long staff that is more like the bow of Kung-Fu or the Hawaiian and Tahitian style of fire knife. The long staff will possibly look more daring, but is less versatile in terms of techniques while the short staffs are actually more daring as the fire comes closer to the body yet the spinning may not appear as utterly brave. It’s best to give both a try when you start out.

There are many stores online which cater to your fire spinning shopping needs, so finding a place to pick up a staff or two or more is just a few clicks away. You can also find many tutorials online for how to make your own staffs appropriate for spinning. It is actually rather easy if you have a good hardware store and the right tools close by.

As far as the actual technique is concerned, there are plenty of videos and tutorials of various fire spinners across the internet today. YouTube itself probably has enough to train someone to a pro level with enough practice. So get started today and spin your body into shape.