Frisbee for Fun and Fitness

Are you looking for a fun and intriguingly unique sport to help you stay and/or get motivated for your personal fitness? Possibly interested in finding a nice outdoor activity to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine? Today is your lucky day because your flying disc of healthy fitness fun has just landed. Here is an article to help you get on your way to some really fun fitness in the sun with a Frisbee.

Let’s look at some of the many ways to enjoy the magical Frisbee and make it a part of your daily fitness routine.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is possibly the ultimate way to truly enjoy the fine art of Frisbee to its fullest. It is actually now simply called Ultimate because the Wham-O toy company apparently holds the copyright to the name of Frisbee. While there are too many styles of Ultimate to be able to fit in a short article, the synopsis is that you basically score a point by passing a Frisbee to a player on your team who is standing in an area which has been designated as the goal area. You can only throw the Frisbee when it is in your hand as the rules do not permit to walk or run with the Frisbee in hand.

Frisbee Golf

Golf anyone? Yes you heard right. There is a fun and unique form of Frisbee known as Frisbee Golf that you may or may not have heard of. It is also known as Disc Golf or evidently even occasionally by “Frolf”. Whatever name it goes by it is a pastime you might enjoy exploring more by either finding a local Frisbee Golf course or even fashioning a portable one and playing with some friends or family. You may be in a lucky situation where there is actually a Frisbee Golf league near you that you can join so you can get a good introduction from some seasoned Frolf pros. There are actually around 3000 or so courses in the US and supposedly one out of five Golf rounds played in the US in 2009 was actually a round of Frisbee Golf.

The object of Frisbee Golf is to make it through a course in the fewest number of throws possible. This is the similarity to the sport of Golf and the naming as a resulting factor. Instead of the conventional holes of Golf, the targets in Frisbee Golf are usually posts with chainlike nets in which you can throw a Frisbee. As Frisbee Golf is played at a leisurely pace in parks and so on, it is truly a pastime that is likely going to be fun for the whole family.

Frisbee Dog

Looking for some outdoor fun with your golden retriever or other fetching-friendly four legged companion? Frisbees can be a dog’s favorite toy and it is such a popular phenomenon that there are even competitions for catching a Frisbee in flight. This sport is aptly named Frisbee Dog or Disc Dog and while it may be tempting to go competitive with your adorable flying friend, it may be even better for both of you to just keep it fun and stress free!