Fun Workout Ideas

So you made your New Year’s Resolution to work out more. You’ve dutifully dragged yourself to the gym five days a week, putting in the requisite hours on the treadmill. You’ve lost some weight and you feel healthier, but now you’re - dare I say it - bored!

Human beings are creatures of habit. But while habits are great for things like making sure the bills are paid or the kids get off to school on time, they’re lousy in the gym. When you feel like you’re stuck in a fitness rut, your workouts will be less effective and you’re more likely to stop going altogether.

But you don’t have to fall prey to workout boredom - instead, check out the following fun workout ideas:

Kick Some Butt

Feeling frustrated with your current workout routine? Take out some of that aggression with a martial arts class. If you already have a membership to a gym that offers classes, take a look at the class schedule - you may find a kickboxing class that will put some punch back in your workout routine. Alternatively, you can check with martial arts studios in your area to see if they offer beginning adult classes. Karate, aikido and judo are all great disciplines for new adult students.

Take a Dance Class

It used to be that Jazzercise was the only option for adults looking to shake up their workouts with some fun moves, but today, dance studios around the country are adding options for beginning adult students who look to dance for exercise. If you ever dreamed of being a prima ballerina or envisioned yourself closing the show at Stomp, this could be a great workout option for you. Check with your local dance studios for more details - you may be able to find classes in disciplines as diverse as ballet, tap, hip hop, modern and even belly dance.

Join a Sports Team

Adult sports teams are experiencing a resurgence in popularity around the country. And what’s not to love? You’ll enjoy the camaraderie so much that you won’t even notice you’re getting a great workout! Perennial favorites - like soccer and volleyball - are great choices, or you can check out one of the many recess-style leagues popping up around the country, including activities like kickball, dodge ball or ultimate Frisbee.

Train for a Workout Goal

Running on the treadmill for an hour a day can get dull, but taking part in a group training program for an upcoming triathlon can be just the incentive you need to stay on track. If you have a secret fitness goal - whether it’s finishing your first 5k or taking part in an Ironman triathlon - check with your gym or sporting goods stores in your area to see if they offer any group training programs. More and more places are offering these programs, and they’re a great way to add some fun and focus to your daily workout.