How Long Does It Take To Get Fit?

After years of not making any effort to be the proud owner of a fit healthy body, you have suddenly realized that you want one. Now that you have decided that you are determined to get in the best physical shape of your life, you want it to happen now. Unfortunately it is going to take some time to get that lean fit look that you now crave; even more than the fast food that had a hand in creating the shape you find yourself in today.

Luckily it will not take nearly as long to undo the results of the years of neglect you showed your body, as it took to get those results. We all start out with pretty much the same capacity for fitness, but we all don’t end up the same way because of the many different paths we end up taking. Life’s circumstances and those people who are our biggest examples also played a significant role in influencing the paths we chose. It takes a while for a person with poor eating and exercise habits to really understand that, but once they do, things usually move pretty quickly in the right direction from that point on.

From the time the person who decides to become physically fit to the time they start seeing results, they can lose some of their initial momentum because it can take a while to start seeing real measurable results. But feeling the benefits of eating healthier and exercising is sometimes just enough of an anchor to keep the person going until they spot that first little result that makes going on, not only possible, but exciting.

Depending on how much exercise you commit yourself to doing, and how dedicated to it you are, you can start really noticing changes in your body after about one to two months. Being very aware of how many calories you are consuming and staying vigilant about getting as many of your calories from fiber, vegetables, and protein as possible, will make it more like one month. But it can take at least that long for you to become astutely aware of your eating habit pit falls and find ways to replace them. So if you are truly starting from scratch, it will tend to take a little longer, sometimes it can be three months to really get to a place of seeing results.

It is very important to keep in mind that there is no way for you to go to bed one night with a flabby backside, and wake up with a nice toned behind. It cannot happen that way. Just like it lost firmness and shape so slowly that you had no idea it was happening, it will be lifted the same way. It is also not a good idea to look at every part of your body every day.
Just know that with dedication, even when it does not feel like you are making one dent in all the fat and flab, you are. Working out when you don’t feel like it, will pay off. Sticking to eating healthy fruits and vegetables, and not letting your metabolism slow by skipping meals will change what you truly like to eat. Doing these things with only the end result in mind will start a chain reaction that will drive you to the fitness level of your dreams. Then one morning when you least expect it, you will look in the mirror and be very happy with what you see.