Mental Health Tips For Women

Women make the world go around. Where would men be without us? God forbid if we lose our minds. Our kids won’t get their homework done. The dishes would probably be sky high and the office at work would be a disaster without us! The files would be all in the wrong place and our nail salon would miss us dearly! We do however need to remember one thing! WE ARE NOT SUPER WOMAN. We need sleep good food, exercise and peace of mind.

Women are known to have depression issues more than men. Eating disorders also tend to grab women as well. Eating disorders vary from anorexia and bulimia o just over-eating. On the other hand, men usually know how to stop, count to ten and go watch the game. They laugh and joke with the guys, while you complain at how childish and obnoxious they can be.

The truth is that it keeps them young and mentally stable. They would probably be just as uptight as women, if not worse, if they didn’t act like children now and then. We should learn from men and do the same. It is so important to have de-stressors and to let our hair down once in a while. Get our nose in a good book or exercise our brain in mind puzzles.

It’s been proven that mind puzzles exercises the mind and can battle against mental disorders. Dementia and Alzheimer’s attack women more so than men. Sudoku can help you keep your mind sane a little longer, that if you want to remember who your annoying husband is later on in life. Some women may even embrace the dementia as a blessing to forget their nagging husbands! Who knows it could work for you too.

But all jokes aside diet, and puzzles make all the difference to keep you around longer. Anxiety and panic attacks are no fun and can be prevented by giving your self some love. Make sure you set a date with yourself at least one day out of the week and tend to yourself for a change. Only answer the phone in an emergency, as my mother always said, if the person isn’t bleeding than they can wait! Always put yourself first on your day. Every mother and woman deserves it. After all it’s not east being superwoman and the world would be an empty place without women running it.