Overview Of Yoga. Basics Of Yoga.

Yoga is now a worldwide practice that originated in India. Known to balance mind body and soul; it’s become one of my favorite ways to exercise. More than just stretching, the practice works out parts of your body you didn’t know you had. There are different styles to fit everyone’s needs and they all give different benefits.

Bikram Choudary created Bikram style yoga. It’s a 26 pose practice done in a hot room to promote a release of toxins from the body. Your body becomes more flexible in the heat and the heated room will get you into poses that you never thought you would be able to attempt. Each pose strengthens your muscles, joints, ligaments while at the same time making you sweat and release toxins. It works on your internal organs, mind body and spirit. If you like being challenged this is an excellent style of yoga that asks for extreme focus.

Hatha is the more popular style. Ha means sun and tha means moon. Hatha symbolizes the meeting of opposites. It teaches balance between mind and body. This style loves to concentrate on meditation and breathing techniques called Asnas and Pranayama. The practice of yoga can alleviate tension, stress, anxiety, depression and other issues in the body. No matter the age it fits everyone’s needs. You can go at your own pace and as far as your body’s limit. You will feel lighter, happier and balanced.

Besides the different styles of Practice, Yoga has a certain way of eating and being. To have perfect discipline one must be civil, polite, courteous, gracious, gentle, and righteous. A yogi has to persevere and have patience. Anyone who is a glutton or a slave to its senses is unfit for their spiritual path. They believe purity of food leads to purity of mind. Pretty much you are what you eat.

Here in America we do it more for exercise and very few take n the whole Yogi lifestyle. Traditionally Yoga is only practiced in the springs and autumn. Here in America you can find a yoga studio open 7 days a week. If you haven’t tried yoga yet, you should find a studio and try at least one class. You will feel light as a feather when you’re done and you’ll be surprisingly sore the next day. The practice flows so well that the soreness doesn’t kill you the next few days. It’s just enough to know that you had a good workout. Part of that is due to all the stretching a proper warm ups and cool downs. You’re body gets a complete workout mind body and soul without overworking you and scaring you away.