Pre-natal Yoga

Yoga is a great form of exercise. Its benefits are similar to that of Lamaze breathing. It will teach you how to breathe so that you can manage the pain of labor. It also strengthens your pelvic muscles making it easier to push the baby out during labor. The greatest thing about yoga is that it is a relaxing exercise that brings awareness to your body. Pre-natal yoga not only connects mind body and soul but it also connects you to the life force you have growing inside of you. Yoga has numerous benefits.

The yoga practices will show you how to breather deeper and more fully. Breathing techniques have been used for centuries to help manage the pain of labor. Yoga during pregnancy is a great form of exercise. It will tone your muscles which will help you carry your baby in your tummy and once you’ve given birth. There are poses that will help you stretch muscles will put stress on your lower back from carrying extra weight in front of you.

The first thing they teach you in the class are breathing techniques. These techniques are very similar to Lamaze breathing except they are slower and deeper inhales. Ujjayi breathing is when you breathe in through your nose deep enough to where your belly expands fully. The exhale is just as slow and as deep. This breathing technique will help you stay calm and manage any discomforts of pregnancy. It also delivers extra oxygen to your baby. Remember, you’re breathing for two people. This same breathing exercise can help you prevent early contractions. When people panic or under stress the body releases hormones that may induce labor. The breathing will help you relax all of your muscles so that you don’t tighten up and start contractions early.

A great pose to start out with is the Coobler’s or Tailor’s pose. This pose will help to open up your pelvis. If you are very flexible just make sure that your sit bones are well grounded. You can do so by pulling each side out a little bit. If you need extra support then place a mat, towel or pillow. Sit up against the wall with the soles of your feet touching each other. You can either gently push down on your knees toward the floor or your can just place your elbows if it seems to be enough. With each exhale try to relax and go a little deeper in the stretch making sure that each movement is synchronized with the breath. You should feel your hips opening up and releasing. You can stay in this position as long as you want but make sure that you ease your way out of it especially if you’ve sat in this position for more than one minute.