Pregnancy Symptoms

So you missed your pill or slipped up a few times with your partner and now you’re paranoid. Then there’s the chance of actually planning a pregnancy and the anticipation of knowing whether you’re expecting or not is driving you mad! There are a few signs and hints your body gives you, but it’s not the greatest way of determining whether you’re pregnant or not. Let’s face it, when you are anxious every hiccup, burp, or lightheadedness can convince you that you’re pregnant. Our mind and body can play tricks on us. The best thing to do is to breathe in, count to ten and go through all the possibilities.

Are your breasts abnormally swollen and tender? When you’re prego your breasts tend to “perk” up due to the hormone changes. This sign is not very accurate. Most women feel this when they are getting closer to their menstruation period. This symptom is usually exaggerated tenfold when you are pregnant. The next sign is implantation bleeding. Some women experience light bleeding about 12 days after conception. It can be confused with a period but it lasts for a small amount of time and it will be a much lighter tint. The egg implants itself into your uterus lining causing some light bleeding. There should be no pain when this happens. It you are experiencing pain makes sure you notify a doctor.

Morning sickness usually doesn’t hit until about a month or two after conception. Don’t let the name trick you into thinking you will only get sick in the morning. Nausea is not shy and will happen anytime of day. For some women, all day long! Fatigue is another sign of pregnancy. If you’re feeling exhausted and sleepy then it can mean you are expecting. You will feel more energetic once your second trimester comes along.

A missed period is definitely a sign of pregnancy even though some women have been known to get their periods even if they were pregnant. Extra trips to the bathroom may be a good indicator. If you’re used to running to the bathroom all the time then that sign will probably not apply to you. When and if you are pregnant your body temperature will stay higher than normal. If it stayed up for about 16 days straight then you are most likely prego. If you really want to know and can’t wait out the suspense then just get a blood pregnancy test. The blood test is much more accurate than the urine tests but you may want to try the urine tests, a few to be exact, before you decide to make the trip to the doctor.