Stay Fit Anywhere

Joining a fitness club or weight training gym can be a truly effective way to really motivate yourself to follow through with your intention to get fit and stay fit. The key to this being really useful is to actually show up, since once you are there you are most likely either going to be working out or timidly pacing around the locker room wondering why you are there. Unless, of course, the locker room itself is the main obstacle impeding your desire to get to the workout area at all. In any case, it is likely that you will actually be exercising once you are at the gym all suited up and ready to do some training.

A great motivating factor for getting you to the gym at all is the fact that you are possibly paying monthly or annual membership fees and the thought of not utilizing that financial investment to the fullest is something that keeps you going to the gym on a regular basis. For many people it actually isn’t so expensive and a gym membership can often end up being a way to act like they are going to get fit rather than actually doing it. A wide array of excuses is possible when it comes to fitness clubs, such as the distance to the club being too far or the workout clothes being in the laundry. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just workout pretty much anywhere and would have no real excuse for not doing something to get or stay fit?

A more optimal alternative that may require some actual personal motivation, yet has no fees and requires no travel time, as well as not needing to be subjected to the locker room of a fitness club on a regular basis, is something known as bodyweight training. This is a category of fitness that you are likely already familiar with and have probably practiced quite a bit in your life. Actually whenever you move your body you are essentially doing bodyweight exercise. It involves using only the weight of the human body as resistance to tone itself by lifting itself. There are many popular exercises based on this principle such as push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, and so on. There are also a lot of specifically developed training exercises which have been designed to target smaller muscle groups.

There are many such exercises being developed and most require no equipment at all to do, while some may require a simple bar. You can either find a bar somewhere in your house that is about one head above your height to facilitate chin-ups and pull-ups and similar exercises. Make sure it is definitely sturdy enough to easily hold your weight before you attempt to do any exercises. If no bar is readily available in your home or another convenient location already then you can install one for the purpose. There are actually kits available at many department stores and sports stores for installing a bar into a doorway.

Hopefully this will get you motivated to get some really good exercise anywhere you find convenient and without needing to spend extra on a fitness club.