Straight Talk About Abortion

Believe it or not, abortion is one of the most popular procedures performed in the US with about 40% of women getting an abortion at least once in their lifetime. There are hundreds of reasons why a woman might decide on getting an abortion, just as being a victim of rape or just an unplanned pregnancy.

Whether you preach pro-life or pro-choice, there are still important facts you should know about abortion and the procedure a woman must go through in order to get one done. Physically, mentally and emotionally it’s not an easy thing to go through yet some women suck it in and go through with it no matter the cost.

Depending on the age of the belly, there are different kinds of abortions available to the patient. Abortions performed anywhere from 7-9 weeks from the date of conception can be done through drugs or medically. Nine to fourteen weeks is an abortion performed by dilatation and suction curettage. After 14 weeks, then it’s performed by dilatation and suction evacuation. Once the 20 weeks is reached then they can now be performed legally by labor induction, saline infusion, hysterectomy, or dilatation and extraction. In some offices the procedures can not be performed if the patient has signs of heart disease, anemia, diabetes and other blood disorders. You may be referred to specialists that can work on patients under these conditions. If after diagnostic tests, the fetus shows to have brain abnormalities then the mother can choose whether they want to abort it or keep it.

Most abortion clinics offer counseling to help with decision making and with the after effects of abortion. They also offer counseling to those who decide to continue the pregnancy. They go over full risks of abortion including psychological effects, medical issues like hemorrhaging or infection. Some other side effects may also include failed evacuation and toxicity to the medications used to expel the fetus. They also offer counseling for people who choose to be involved such as mates, family and friends. Depending on the law in your state some states require counseling before hand, others may just recommend it.

There are a wide variety of risks involved depending on the procedure chosen but the suction extraction can be the most detrimental procedure. It is a very graphic procedure and the reality of it can be heart wrecking. No matter the reason why they may choose to abort a fetus the important thing is to be as sympathetic as you can be toward another person’s decision. They are only making the best decision they can make according to their feelings and personal situation which we will never truly know. When the question comes up for you then you can make the best choice that you can once it’s your turn to choose.