Tennis For Fitness

Looking for a really great way to get in or stay in shape while having a really good time enjoying a friendly game? How about simultaneously developing your hand eye coordination and advancing your skill in a popular sport? There is a certain casual recreational game that current history claims began as a simple enjoyable pastime of French monks; a game which has evolved over the years into a rather competitive international sport enjoyed by people all over the world. It is sure to tone you up and likely be one of your enjoyable pastimes for years to come.

Tennis has truly come a long way over the past thousand years or so and now you too can enjoy this classic sport while getting in great shape in the process. You may or may not be surprised to hear that running around on a relatively small tennis court can really be an epic aerobic workout rivaling just about any other sport around. What is possibly just as surprising is how enjoyable such a simple game can be and how such a small court can remain fun regardless of how many hours you play. It is likely that you have already tried it, or have a friend or relative who plays. If you have tried it, then you can likely confirm its rigorously dynamic aerobic benefits. Anyone who has tried it and given any true effort to chasing a tennis ball around knows how intense it can be and how much running can actually happen on such a small court.

Arm development is another feature of tennis which is wonderful as long as one balances their workout regime with other forms of exercise. As with any sport with many similar repetitive movements originating from one side of the body, it is important to learn how to play with both hands for optimal fitness benefit. This is, of course, unless you are training to be a tennis pro and feel that maximizing your skill with only one hand is more efficient. If that is the case then you may want to find another fast and effective way to exercise your other arm in a similar manner to ensure you have a balanced physique from your efforts.

These days it seems like there are public tennis courts in just about every town, so finding a place to practice and hone your skills should be fairly simple. Indoor and outdoor courts are both great, although an indoor court is obviously the appropriate all weather option. Many fitness clubs and community centers also have tennis courts and hopefully you can find one that is relatively convenient and suits your style.

Like any sport with equipment, there are a couple of necessary things for playing a game of tennis. You likely already have a pair of tennis shoes, or at least something suitable. A racket and a can of tennis balls is all that is really required to start playing tennis right away. So go have a ball and join the tennis racket.