The Chocolate Diet

Looking for a diet that will help you to lose some weight and still have enough energy to get in some healthy exercise while simultaneously enjoying a tasty and natural treat? Yes, it is actually possible and the tasty treat in question may come as a major surprise to you. You have likely even been eating it for many years without realizing its hidden graces and potential for dietary bliss. What is this mystical wonder of the ancients?

Chocolate is something just about everyone enjoys in some form or another, but did you realize that chocolate can actually be good for you and even help you to stay fit? Chocolate is a natural appetite suppressant which means that if you eat a little bit of chocolate, you are less likely to eat a lot more of something else. This is a huge reason to eat a small amount of chocolate each and every day. In addition to being an appetite suppressant, it also serves as a mild and natural stimulant which is generally much more gradual and pleasant than an alternative such as coffee.

The kind of chocolate we are most highly praising in this article is chocolate in its raw and unadulterated form. While there are many kinds of chocolate on the market today and most varieties available are processed chocolate, there has thankfully been a resurgence of organic and raw chocolate in the marketplace and so many stores now carry this most wonderful form of chocolate as it was originally intended to taste. It grows as beans around the size of Brazil nuts and the beans are inside of a pod that is around the size of a deflated American football. The chocolate is generally sold as ”Cacao”, which is the Spanish word for the plant, in bags of whole beans and also as nibs which are essentially just smaller pieces of beans. The bean is also available as a powder which makes it wonderful for smoothies and other such delights. It may also be sold as “Raw Chocolate” as it is a more widely recognizable way to market the product.

So let’s take a look at the yummy potential for adding Cacao to your diet. It may initially taste slightly different than expected if you are used to lower grade milk chocolate with a lower ratio of actual chocolate in the product. If you enjoy your chocolate nice and dark with a tiny bit of a bitter taste, then you are likely going to be a huge fan of raw Cacao. When it really comes down to it, just about anyone who likes chocolate will enjoy raw Cacao. Even if you prefer to mix it in a smoothie or with your favorite nut butter, it will most certainly satisfy in some form or another.

The results will likely astonish you. A teaspoon of Cacao in the morning will supercharge your day and should easily satisfy your appetite until lunch. You will likely feel much more energized and in a healthier way than with coffee or other energy drinks. You may even want to keep a bag of raw Cacao handy for when you feel the urge to snack or when you are feeling a little drowsy. It is fun to share and will enliven just about any workplace. It should most certainly make the day more enjoyable, while also shaving some pounds in the process.