The Importance Of Vitamin D. Avoiding Vitamin D Deficiency.

Vitamin D is important for the maintenance of your organs including liver, kidneys and promotes anti-tumor activity. Most people drink milk to absorb their Vitamin D without knowing what it does for the body. Most don’t know how to absorb Vitamin D in other forms other than milk. I personally don’t care to receive Vitamin D from an animal but everyone has their preferences. Your body naturally absorbs vitamins better from food and other natural sources like the sun.

Vitamin D regulates your natural phosphorus and calcium levels in your blood by promoting absorption from food in your intestines. It also promotes re-absorption from organs like your kidneys and it also helps bone growth. Vitamin D can be harmful if your Vitamin K is low or if you’re taking drugs that may thin your blood by promoting soft tissue calcification also known as calcium build up. It’s important to keep yourself balanced in your nutrition. One vitamin without the other will do no good for your body.

A good source of Vitamin D is made in the skin by sun exposure. Balance is the key so there is no need to sit in the sun for 5 hours a day. You still have to be conscious of the risk of skin cancer due to overexposure to UV rays. Make sure you sit out no more than 10-15 min. a day. If you sit out in the sun to long the vitamin supply that was quickly absorbed will also quickly degrade.

Another good source of Vitamin D is through mushrooms. Remember that Mushrooms also received their Vitamin D from the sun so might as well just sit out for a bit. You can get some nice color and the best thing about it is it’s free! About the only free thing we have these days. Fishes also have Vitamin D but only get it through the algae they eat that in turn got their Vitamin D from the sun.

There tends to be a lack in Vitamin D in this present time in society. Technology has kept us indoors longer. The only time we leave the house is to do groceries and shop which only exposes us to sun probably five minutes. Another factor is clothes that cover most of our limbs. If it’s nice outside take advantage of shorts and a tank top. Wear some flip flops so that your toes can be exposed to some sunlight.

Sit or walk in direct sunlight for 15 minutes a day to stay healthy. We spend too much time in florescent lighting in the office, school, or indoor malls. Try to be more active out side by doing something a little different like flying kites, planting a garden, reading a book at a park, or just sit. The important thing is to get outside more. You won’t even notice the heat if you’re doing something fun.