Tips for Fighting PMS

Premenstrual syndrome affects many women about a week or two before they reach their moon cycle. They are signs, behaviors, symptoms that usually occur around or before the menstrual cycle. Some of those symptoms include fatigue, mood swings, cramping, depression, bloating, tender breasts, and emotional sensitivity. Not all women experience PMS, and some women only experience one or 2 symptoms if not more. PMS usually depends on your diet and hormone balances.

I’ve found that an active lifestyle will help with bloating and cramping. A balanced diet will help with things like depression, bloating and detoxification. When a woman menstruated her body is naturally detoxifying itself. The loss of blood and low iron levels can lead to the headaches and fatigue. The best thing is to get to know your body well enough to where you can make yourself feel better naturally against all of these symptoms.

Find a place to find peace and quiet during this time. Spend time outdoors; get some sun and fruits to refresh your self. Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits. It keeps me hydrated and is very refreshing. Take this time to refresh yourself. Rest and relax. If you feel fatigued you have the choice of resting or exercising to get more energy. If you are experiencing bloating and cramps the best thing is to exercise. It gets blood flowing and will promote your body to sweat which will relieve bloating and cramps. Exercising also releases endorphins which is a feel good hormone sure to get you out of depressive blues.

Some herbs and tonics are used world wide by women to help with PMS and other hormone irregularities. Tonics are different from teas but have great benefits. Tonics are cooked with a handful of braches, herbs and leaves for about an hour or more. Some herbs that are great for female balancing are peppermint, raspberry leaf, and lemon balm.

If you want to create an all around formula which will work against most PMS symptoms like headaches, cramping, mood swings, bloating and muscle pain. Herbs used in this formula are Birch Leaf, Black Cohosh, Chamomile, Corn Silk, Dandelion, Dong Quai, Fennel, Mother Wort, Peppermint, and Raspberry leaf. It will not work right away, it’s natural so your body needs time to respond to it but I’m sure after regular use you will find a difference on how your body reacts to that time every month.