Trim Your Waistline and Your Dietary Spending

Are you currently analyzing your personal or family budget and considering some of the ways in which you might actually be able to save a little more money? Are you possibly wondering just how you seem to spend so much on food each week or month? Are you pondering if maybe it’s about time you start asserting a little more self-discipline on the foods you eat as well as how much you spend on those foods each month? Have you ever even imagined that you may actually be able to trim down your dietary spending costs while improving your dietary health and also trimming down your waistline a little (or maybe even a lot), at the same time? If this sounds too good to be true, then this article is certainly an essential read for you.

There are so many ways to do just about everything in this world and eating is yet another one of them. If we look at a list of the common foods that are often the most expensive, there is generally a similarity that they share. The trait that most of the expensive foods present in a person’s weekly diet will likely share is that they are all products derived from animals. This is what makes them more expensive as it actually costs much more to produce what is referred to as an “animal product”. Animals are fed other foods to produce a much lower yield pound for pound. To produce a pound of beef, for example, multiple pounds of grain are required. In addition, around 500 gallons or more of drinking water is required. This is just for meeting a cow’s basic dietary requirements, not to mention all of the other costs involved. In short, all of the production costs translate into much higher costs for you, pound for pound and dollar for dollar, at the grocery store!

Think about how much you may be spending on meat, milk, cheese, and other animal products on a weekly basis. You could likely save a fortune on food and possibly even dietary weight-loss plans by simply switching to alternative soy bean products like tofu and soy milk. Nuts and beans are truly a wonderful source of protein and provide an incredible range of culinary delight. There are many alternatives in the modern world which will certainly more than suffice for your nutritional requirements, regardless of any propaganda that the meat and dairy industry may be attempting to feed the public. You can eat a wide variety of foods and still enjoy your meals. You may even be pleasantly surprised to find that you actually prefer many of the dishes and how they make you feel after eating them. You may feel much more energetic which can actually lead to an increased income if you put your energy toward monetary pursuits.

You don’t have to be ridiculously strict to save some money on your diet and also some inches on your waistline. You can likely save a lot by simply adjusting your habits toward a healthier diet both for your body and your finances.