Understanding Body Dysmorphic Disorder

A women’s self esteem is a very fragile thing. One negative comment can set them off on an obsessive complex that will rule their lives and have some serious negative effects mentally and physically. Body dysmorphic disorder is a serious disorder that can include anorexia, bulimia, and depression and if left untreated it can even lead to suicide. It is also known as BDD and is a medical condition where the individual has a distorted view on his or herself.

They may look at their nose, chest, hair or any other body part and see it as the worst thing on earth. With the standards being so high thanks to physically modified celebrities, young girls are competing against unrealistic standards. These kinds of standards and expectations are what trigger these kinds of disorders.

BDD effects close to 1 out of 50 people. Teens and people in their 20’s
Are affected the most. They are usually dissatisfied with their bodies and have an obsessive fixation with a physical defect whether real or not. It totally consumes the person to where this body part is what they eat, breathe and think about all day every day. Their decisions are made based on the fixation and everything they do is around this complex.

Depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders and chemical imbalances are usually the causes of BDD. Some symptoms of BDD are low self-esteem, skin picking, and anxiety in public, avoiding social situations, avoiding mirrors or using them excessively in order to check one’s appearance. To be diagnosed correctly you must go to a doctor where they can conduct a BDD examination. They examine medical history along with daily behavior, and the level of self-consciousness the patient might feel. The family would probably be questioned about the individual’s behavior too.

It’s to no surprise that women go through this. Cosmetic surgeries are widely available to the public and are practically given away with low prices and specials. Teenagers are even getting breast augmentations and nose jobs! Teen-agers are facing self-esteem issues at a very young age and it is totally unnecessary! Their bodies are not developed fully yet they are already enlarging and reducing parts of their body. Isn’t it a form of self mutilation? Once you are an adult then you have the mental capability of making a decision for yourself. Whether you’re an adult or teen, it’s important to find out if what you’re feeling toward yourself is normal or if you should seek medical advice. You can prevent yourself from causing further harm to yourself emotionally and physically.