Veganism: The Answer To Obesity?

I have never met an obese vegan who ate only organic food. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but I certainly doubt that anyone who has been vegan for at least 2 years could possibly be obese unless they are still gradually slimming down from before those 2 years. It seems there is a rather simple answer to the issue of human obesity.

There are many misconceptions which seem to cause a general reluctance to try the vegan lifestyle. The pyramid food chart so ubiquitous in the classical US school system is likely a primary reason people are generally reluctant to try veganism. That kind of education combined with the media incessantly programming society for the last 50 years or so that meat is the primary source of nutrition for a healthy diet. The fact that large fast-food chains now offer veggie burgers and other such items is a testament to the reality of the situation.

Yes, humans don’t need to eat meat. In fact, it is to the general benefit and welfare of the environment and their own body if they do not see it as their primary source of dietary sustenance. Protein is the main reason that people seem to be so attached to the concept of eating meat. What many people may not realize is that there are many other ways to supply protein to the body. If only the variety of nuts available at the common grocery store were the only alternative source, it would more than suffice to tantalize the taste buds and satisfy the conceptual daily protein requirement. Thankfully, there is a wide array of other choices available. Add the vast variety of beans and soy-based products to the mix and a full spectrum of flavors and textures become available to satisfy even the most eclectic of protein appetites!

The possibilities are endless. From tofu to tempura, from veggie burgers to vegan cheese, whatever the question, there is an answer. Truly gourmet dreams are a reality to anyone open to the culinary playground of vegan foods. While everyone going vegan isn’t into replacing all of the animal products they are leaving behind, for those that are there is vegan mayonnaise and even vegan eggs!

Cheese is actually a big reason that some vegetarians are still obese. Thankfully there are many soy-based alternatives. Many of these products can be made at home with a little adventurous kitchen experimentation. For instance, add a sprinkling of nutritional yeast to the top of your next bowl of popcorn and be amazed at the completely vegan cross between butter and cheese. It’s a perfect companion to a movie, as it will leave no buttery calories to burn.

The vegan lifestyle is full of flavor and freedom. Exploration is the key. Even if one isn’t looking to shed some pounds, eating vegan will likely make one feel lighter and healthier. Imagine a clean body, with nothing to congest the system and everything it needs to run smoothly. There are even vegan body-builders, if that’s what you are into.