Vitamin C.

There are a few things about Vitamin C that you should know before popping the pill on a daily basis. Contrary to popular belief, taking 1000 mg. of Vitamin C a day is not the way to stay healthy.

First things first, there’s no such thing as a vitamin c replacement for the real thing. The best form of Vitamin C comes from food, not a pill. There are two parts to Vitamin C that most people don’t know about. It’s the L ascorbic acid (-) and the D ascorbic acid which does nothing for us.

Our body discards the D side and only absorbs what’s beneficial to our bodies. One orange carries our daily requirement of Vitamin C. Once the orange is made into orange juice, the L ascorbic acid changes into D ascorbic acid. The orange juice will then be 50/50. If it is made from concentrate or frozen then it will be even less. The best way to absorb what you need is by eating a fresh orange or freshly squeezed orange juice. Our body rejects the D side but we don’t discard it completely. Since we don’t get rid of all the D side it can actually be hazardous to our health. If we ingest it enough we can cause some serious damage, even kidney stones.

As for supplements, Vitamin C can not be pilled. They can be in powder or capsule form only to be somewhat effective. Anyone can buy the powder online and make “vitamin c” in their basement. It does not mean that it’s good vitamin C that our body can actually absorb.

Since people are not educated enough in this fact they buy whatever says Vitamin C on the store shelf. Besides the pills being inactive, they also have additives as the pill fillers. Pill fillers are the ingredients that help the powder stay together. Some of these ingredients include starch, sucrose, talc, providone, and something to bind it all together. A lot of times there’s no L ascorbic acid in the pill which leaves about 250mg of pill fillers alone.

How is that going to keep you healthy and balanced? If you have to take supplements because you have no access to an orange a day then make sure you buy an L ascorbic acid supplement that is in capsule form with a humidity level no less than 40%. That will be the closest you can get to the real thing but I’m sure you can find an orange before you find the right supplement. Good luck!