Vitamin F

You might have heard of Omega-3’s. Foods everywhere are labeling their butters and oils with Omega-3 or flax seed on the box. What exactly is an omega-3 fatty acid and how does it benefit us?

First things first, Fatty acids can not be made by the body. Fatty acids come from our diet only. Fatty acids play a part in keeping our skins elasticity making us stays looking youthful. They are also used for the normal growth of cells, balancing hormones and working the immune system. They also keep the metabolism stable. When someone is lacking in Fatty acids they can experience hair loss, dry skin, damaged kidneys, heart, liver, cause slow healing and increase in susceptibility to infections.

Foods that are rich in fatty acids include primrose oil, grape seed oil, flaxseed oil, oils of grains, nuts, seeds, soybeans, walnuts, avocados, and fish. Omega 3 is found in oils and fish while Omega 6 is found in legumes, seeds and nuts. If you find yourself with dry skin or even acne you maybe lacking Vitamin F. It is hardly ever mentioned by anyone so it’s often overlooked. When you are deficient in Vitamin F your vision can get affected along with hair loss and dermatological issues. Other issues Vitamin F will protect you from are candidiasis, cardiovascular disease, eczema, and psoriasis. Essential fatty acids are found in large amounts in the brain and are needed by the brain for normal functions like learning and memory. Fatty acids are also needed by every cell in the body. They rebuild and produce more cells.

Fish is a good source of fatty acids. The only problem is, as with any meat, the fat content. Vegetables are easy and inexpensive to live off of. Cut down your fat intake drastically by trying to go vegetarian, then vegan if you dare to try. Don’t be scared of not receiving vitamins. If you ate some vegetables then you had some fatty acids. Look for the natural stuff. Dark and leafy greens will never steer you wrong. Nuts are great in protein and Omega-3. Add it to a salad for a burst of vitamins. Avocado is fantastic to get your fatty acids from. Chop it up into a salad, wrap or better yet guacamole! Avocado is one of the best sources along with its ability to soften and give shine to hair. There are so many choices and such a variety of food. Be open minded to new vegetables, and I guarantee you will receive all the vitamins and protein you body can take.