Vitamin Supplements That Can Change Your Life

Herbal remedies and supplements have been widely used in countless ways for centuries. These potions, powders, and pills have enhanced, and even saved the lives of thousands of people, long before actual medicine did. Once conventional medicine came on to the scene, there was a drop in the use of these impromptu concoctions. This drop was mostly due to the fact that with medicine, came studies and evidence that provided information on the adverse affects associated with using the wrong compound, in the incorrect dose, could have on the human body.

The quest for answers to the questions our bodies continually asked prompted a second look at vitamins and herbs as viable medicinal options; this time, including them in the regulation process, that used to be reserved only for medicine. One of the things that may have helped this newfound interest in these very useful alternatives is their nutritional value. Nutrition plays a big part in the prevention of illness, and in the treatment of them. But unfortunately, some diseases and their treatments can make getting nutrition from food alone impossible.
It is now possible to get almost any vitamin and mineral that your body needs from a supplement, but because the human body does not absorb vitamins as easily as it does food, it is not an exact science, yet. There are also supplements that will not be absorbed at all if mixed with other foods or drugs. It is also possible to consume too much of certain supplements, such as iron, and the results can be deadly.

While the drug companies spend billions trying to figure this all out; people are buying and taking vitamins at staggering rates. For the people who swear by their vitamin regimen, there is no other way to live. Other’s think that buying vitamins are a big waste of money and don’t believe that they have any effect all. But the evidence seems to be swayed in the favor of vitamins; with a few in particular being undeniably beneficial. Before anybody starts taking any kind of medication or over the counter supplement, they should consult with their doctor, as some people have allergies or unknown conditions that could adversely be affected.

The mostly commonly praised vitamins are: All the B vitamins, for increasing energy, stabilizing the central nervous system, heart health and enhancing the health of hair, skin, and nails. Zinc is known to increase the sex drive and boost reproductive health. Ester C, which is a more potent form of vitamin C combined with calcium boosts the immune system and helps prevent bone density loss, and heart disease. Vitamin D helps to support joint and bone health, it also assists in the absorption of calcium. Folic Acid or iron is known for the important part it plays in cell maintenance and repair. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects the heart as well.

There is no absolute way to know how much of the vitamins you take are actually being absorbed by your body, if any; but for those who take them and profess to have a better quality of life because of them, they have all the proof they need.