Volleyball for Fun and Fitness

Are you looking for good way to get some great exercise while having lots of fun with friends and/or family and developing a healthy sense of teamwork and cooperation? Perhaps you are looking for a good sport to get some exercise in the great outdoors, but don’t feel like running a lot while doing it. How about a nice sport that has a variable mix of possible levels of intensity and doesn’t necessarily require much running around until you are ready to take it up a notch? Volleyball is a healthy and fun team sport that might just be the perfect match for your fitness endeavors!

While you have likely played Volleyball at some point in school or perhaps at a party or on a beach, you may have not played in so long that you have overlooked its fun and fitness potential as an enriching addition to a healthy workout schedule. Anything that is fun enough to motivate you to get the exercise you thrive on is certainly worth the effort of looking into for a more informed overview of what it has to offer and how you can benefit from engaging in its rewarding possibilities. Let’s look at just how Volleyball might fit into your fitness routine and just what it does have to offer your body and mind!

First let’s take a look at the basic moves involved in a game of Volleyball and how they can best serve to help you get fit or stay fit.


Serving is great for strengthening the forearms and muscles of the upper arm also. The pectoral muscles will additionally come into play on an overhand serve. In a leaping serve many more muscles are employed and it is as though the server’s body is an archery bow shooting the ball like an arrow at the target. It is almost as though the entire body is beautifully flowing as one powerful spring-loaded muscle to its goal.


Likely the most popular archetype of the game of Volleyball, spiking is similar to a leaping overhand serve in regard to the muscles used and how great it can be to build strength and power!


The art of digging uses a variety of muscles throughout the arms and also gives a good workout to the behind when going in for a low save. On a diving hit the player will again be working many more muscle groups while leaping across the court.

Setting the ball works the fingers, forearms, triceps, and more. As with most of the motions involved in Volleyball, it is also good for strengthening the behind during the deeper sets.


Blocking is another situation where leaping comes into play. Once again, similar to spiking, it works the behind and legs to spring into action!

Now that you are reminded how good Volleyball can be for fitness training, also remember how good of a social and teamwork sport it can also be. A relaxing game of Volleyball can be played while having a conversation with friends about their week or an intense game can be played to really get your teamwork on the ball. Have fun!