Walk Into a More Beautiful You

Some exercises are absolutely intimidating. They are strenuous, necessitate moving parts of your body in directions you’ve never dreamed of, and they usually utilize little muscles you didn’t even know existed. It can be pretty embarrassing to show up to a class full of intermediate-advanced workout buffs and be the only one floundering through each exercise routine in the back of the room. Where it is absolutely recommended to go out there and try whatever you are able to in order to work your body out into a healthier, more physically capable you; there are still always the everyday safety zones you can retreat to that will ultimately get the job done. Walking, for example, is still always a great, yet basic, way to transform your body and your lifestyle.

Walking can be done everywhere and at anytime. As soon as one leaves his home, it begins. To top it off, neither a treadmill, nor a gym, are needed in order to follow through with this type of exercise. It is essentially free. Eventually, continuing a walking regime will lead to shedding pounds, and maintaining weight; with or without a dietary change. Of course, it is recommended to reduce calories, increase fruits and vegetables, and always take in as much water as possible; but usually after time, a healthier body will innately crave subtle changes naturally.

An hour long walk five days a week will lead to pound shedding. Many people will come up against an obstacle of not enough time or not enough stamina to execute a plan like this right off the bat. That is expected, and fine. It is encouraged to start with at least thirty minutes of even a casual pace. This will at least get the heart rate elevated for a few minutes, which is ultimately, and eventually, the key to losing weight. Even if you must wake up in the morning and do thirty minutes and then another thirty minutes after dinner, it is wise to get the length of time in somehow. Or perhaps you must creatively segment numerous fifteen minute short walks. Anything is better than nothing. It is, however, important to remember that the longer the duration in one setting, the greater the benefits to be reaped. Calories tend to burn faster after half an hour of walking, increasing the effect the longer the walk. Another crucial aspect is the speed of your gait. Initially, it may be suggested to walk to the level of your comfort, but in time it is imperative to speed up your step in order to see results. A slow two mph pace burns about 26 calories per ten minutes; thirty minutes burns about 79 calories. Increasing to three mph almost doubles the caloric burn. Walking four miles in an hour will reward you with a total of 370 calories burned. Keep a rate like that up and you will lose a pound every ten days or so; approximately 35 lbs in a year!

Walking not only helps you lose weight and tone your muscles, it also decreases cholesterol, reduces the risk of breast cancer, and helps prevent against heart disease. It is a well known form of stress management, increasing your natural balance of energy, and it will ultimately heighten your mood. Once you commit to walking, you will inevitably find the time you previously felt you lacked in order to continue stepping towards a better feeling, lighter you. Let’s face it: walking is something we do everyday as it is. It is free, convenient, low-risk of injury, and is all around positive. We should all commit to walking for our health, no matter what the level of intensity.