What is the Truth About Alkaline Water?

One of the great health fads out there today, trailed by a frenzy of manufacturers happily capitalizing on the thrill of potential benefits is alkaline water. Americans have always been keen on the newest diet sensations and health breakthroughs, never missing the most recent revelation. Often times, the excitement of the newest potentialities revealing health optimization or weight loss fads fade just as quickly as their initial rise to begin with. So it is fair to question whether the benefits of alkaline water are substantial or not.

There are some amazing claims being projected to promote the health benefits of alkaline water. The body’s pH level, which ranges between 7.35-7.45 is vital to maintain a healthy body, actually directly sustaining life of the human body as a whole. Alkaline water, also referred to as ionized water, is said to effectively balance the body’s pH level, helping to counter the acidity of many other foods. Extreme claims propose that alkaline water acts as an antioxidant to help fight free radicals; it can help assist weight loss; reduce the aging process; helps in cases of Diabetes and other health conditions; helps skins conditions; and also helps to prevent cancers. On a more moderate level; alkaline water is promoted to increase energy, detoxify the body, and naturally balance the body’s pH level which will ultimately enhance overall optimum health. In a sense, acidity can be related to rust or corrosion that in time deteriorates the body’s tissues, veins and arteries, which can negatively affect our cellular activity from the way our hearts beat to all the way to how we think. The acidic body becomes a breeding ground for germs, fungus, and viruses. It reduces the oxygen levels in the body, may coagulate the blood or clog capillaries, and it may interfere with mineral absorption. These effects directly cause a down spiral within the body, which will in turn cause it to work in overdrive to try to correct the imbalance. Alkaline water is said to proactively counteract the negative effects caused by acidity, promoting the health it would otherwise be in.

On the other hand, there are definitely critics out there that iterate the body’s natural functionality. The body is equipped to strictly monitor and marginalize the level of pH in order to ensure a consistent balance. Some professionals profess that the body does not allow room for error when it comes to acidity/alkalinity. Immediately upon becoming out of balance, the liver and kidneys work to balance the pH levels and then eliminate, through urine for example. With this argument, there is no need for exterior influences, and nothing else will cause operative results.

When considering that stress, most of the foods we eat, and certain diseases or common imbalances ultimately do produce a bit more acid, it only seems appropriate that an over acidic level in the body is unhealthy. Even if the body is capable of, and will ultimately, regain the balance of its critical pH level; ingesting something that may automatically counter the acidity only seems wise. Considering the pH scale is balanced by acidity and alkalinity to begin with, and considering the body is naturally completely reactive to what it intakes; it is safe to say that there are scientific rules that inherently suggest that alkaline water can in fact promote optimum health. Even if it doesn’t impact the weight loss or the disease fighting on its own; it may at least allow the body’s natural defense system to focus on other areas in need, while directly removing the duty to naturalize the pH balance innately. Alkaline water makes sense. Water is such a purifying, intrinsic element utterly vital to our optimum health. Why not optimize the quality of such a vitality? Ultimately, though, you are sure to find your answers by trying it. Give it a month, stick to it; see if you reap the benefits that are raved about.