Why Enzymes Are Important. What Foods Have Impotant Enzymes?

Ever had some Indian food or Mexican food and had to run straight to the bathroom? Upset stomach? Throw the Tums away. All you needed was some digestive enzymes.

Age is one major factor in indigestion. Foods high in fat and carbohydrates may become a nightmare after the age of thirty. It can leave you with Diarrhea, bloating and an upset stomach or even constipation. So eat some more enzymes. Oh you mean you don’t know what enzymes are?

Think of enzymes as locks. A car lock, door lock, and bike locks all have different keys. If you don’t have a certain enzyme then you don’t have the lock food is supposed to open to then change into a nutrient. In other words, the food can not digest properly causing a negative reaction in the body called indigestion. So the Mexican food you love so much will end up punching you with a low blow. The older you get the less enzymes your body contains. If you are lactose intolerant or intolerant to gluten the lack of enzymes may be the reason. If you have stomach ulcers, DO NOT TAKE ENZYME supplements! It can be very painful and can worsen any gastrointestinal issues. The best thing to do is eat foods rich in enzymes. It’s better for you.

If you want to receive your enzymes from food then the food has to be uncooked whole raw veggies and fruit. Pineapple for example is rich in enzymes. Once you expose enzymes to heat they no longer function for which they were designed. Eat more salads and if you have a hard time eating raw veggies then get yourself a juicer. When you juice the rule of thumb is to drink it then and there. Don’t wait or store it. The juice loses nutritional value every minute that it sits. Your digestive system will thank you for it.

It takes less energy for your system to digest uncooked foods then cooked foods. Eating enzyme dead foods puts a large burden on your pancreas and other organs. It also over works them. Most people exhaust their organs to the point where they can hardly digest anything. When you consume cooked foods your body responds with white blood cells in the same way if there was a pathogen in the body. There was no reaction found when people ate raw foods. The most powerful enzyme rich food is sprouted seeds, rains, and legumes. Sprouting beans and legumes increases the enzyme content drastically. If you do decide to take supplements then make sure you get these to aid with digestion.

Amylase for starches and sugars. Bromenlain helps breakdown proteins. HCL hydrochloric acid stimulates the pancreas. Lactase is for lactose. Lipase breaks down fatty acids and glycerol, Oxbile digests fats and helps the gallbladder. Pancreatin is for your blood and intestines. Papain breaks down protein. Pepsin and protease breaks down protein as well.