Women’s Health Tip: How to Live in Harmony with your Hormones

Every day in a woman’s life she is being influenced by her hormones. Some days this influence is more obvious than others, but obvious or not, the influence is ever present. It seems like the more difficult days in a woman cycle get much more attention than any of the other days. The times in a woman’s cycle when she may feel a little more challenged than others, are great opportunities to practice relaxation techniques and coping strategies that can be used all month, to create a more relaxed life.

To the surprise of many, including some women, hormones are not only responsible for turning a nice girl into a mean girl; they are also responsible for the good and sexy things she can do too.

The first way to make your hormones work for you and not against you is to prepare yourself for them. Know your cycle and where you are in it all during the month. By keeping yourself aware of what’s going on with your body, and what is about to be going on with it, you will feel more prepared for it. For example: Knowing when you will more than likely be needing a little extra sleep or rest, will make a big difference in how you experience every day of your life, and not leave you feeling at the mercy of your hormones. A woman’s hormones fluctuate all month, not just once a month, so the best favor that we can do ourselves is to start seeing that fluctuation as our normal routine, and not see it as an unpredictable something new every day. The unknown or unexpected is where most of the discomfort and edginess comes from, so by eliminating it from our lives; we are giving ourselves a way to get a new sense of enjoyment out of every day.

The first five days to a week of your cycle, estrogen and progesterone are low and will probably not present any adverse symptoms at all. In fact the first couple of days can feel pretty good; almost euphoric, mentally and physically.

From about week one thru week two, estrogen levels starts to steadily rise which can bring on a lot of nice things with it. We feel like we look more attractive, and our moods are generally relaxed and steady. We are also at our most alluring and interested in sex during this time; this is because we are at our most fertile. This makes us instinctually behave in ways that please men. It also helps us to be more open to seeing almost everything our guy does as pleasing to us.

Around the fifteenth day to the twenty fourth day estrogen starts to decline and this has been linked to our strong desire for stability. This innate desire for all things flowing smoothly and predictably should be accommodated as much as possible. It’s not that you cannot be flexible if you need to, but you may feel more relaxed with routine right now. Being creative with your planner, you can ensure that you do more challenging things when your edge is at its sharpest.

About the week before the cycle comes to end progesterone levels fall which will call for some extra understanding of how things will affect you differently. This is a great time to practice breathing, getting extra sleep, and maybe scheduling those things that require your sharp edge.