Women and Building Muscle

It’s okay if you don’t want to be a body builder. Working out and lifting weights won’t turn you into one. Many women are scared to lift weights because they feel they will lose their feminine appearance. Even if they wanted to they wouldn’t build muscles unless they have some extra testosterone in their bodies. But just because we don’t have enough testosterone doesn’t make us incapable of getting toned. It only holds us back from looking like men which is not a bad thing!

There are three types of bodies. An Ectomorph is someone who is naturally thin or slender. You know the ones that eat and eat and eat and it seems that they don’t ever gain a pound. We love the Ectoporphs don’t we? They get stronger but they don’t build much mass. The second type is the voluptuous and curvy endomorphs. Endomorphs need a little more work if they want to see muscle definition. There’s nothing wrong with a naturally thick body. If you want to look thinner all you have to do is work harder which means to sweat and more cardio. The mesomorphs are the ones that get quick results. They were born as warriors. Their bodies build muscle quickly and they show definition easily.

Strength training has its rules. If you want to gain mass and become stronger then you have to lift heavier weight and lower repetitions. If you want to build your endurance and create a more cut appearance then you want to do less weight but more repetitions. Women just like men will show a 20-45% increase in their muscular strength. You have to remember what body type you are also. Do not get frustrated by your body, instead understand it and workout accordingly. Concentrate on how healthy your body feels instead of the way your body looks. Don’t compare yourself to celebrities. They way they look on TV or in Magazines are touched up by airbrush and other things most of the time. There is also things called plastic surgery.

A naturally endomorph female is more voluptuous then any of the other body types. If you’re an endomorph and you wish to have a leaner body then you have to burn fat with more cardio. Strength training builds muscle as well. Muscle burns fat quicker so it’s a faster way to get results. You’ll also be toning as you go so when you lose all that weight you will be nice and tight. It’s killing two birds with one stone. Strength training shows results faster then diet alone.