Women, Shaving, and Laser Hair Removal

In the early 1900’s shaving the underarms was first introduced. Marketing ads with the new sleeveless shirt ad inspired women in the country to shave their underarms. Legs came later since it was not priority since short dresses didn’t come into play later. There’s a few health downfalls when it comes to shaving but there’s now a way to have smooth legs by getting laser hair removal.

Shaving can cause side effects such as abrasions; irritate the skin, cut, and razor burn. It can be uncomfortable and irritating if you do it too often. For people with very coarse hair, they have to shave more often to have smooth legs. If you shave too much then you can get extremely dry skin and razor burn. Shaving creams come with Vitamin E and aloe to help with the burn.

To make it more convenient and more permanent they have created laser hair removal. Laser hair removal can remove your hair permanently after a certain number of sessions. It has many benefits and is becoming very popular. Large areas with hair like a leg can be removed quicker then if you decided to wax or tweeze. It has the speed of shaving with a power more effective than that of waxing. It’s effective on most parts of the body. You can get laser in the bikini area, underarms, legs, and anywhere else you’d like. The darker your hair the most effective the laser hair removal will be.

The laser and light doesn’t actually take out the hair. It kills the hair by targeting the hair follicle and disables it so that it can’t grow anymore. This procedure can remove large areas at a time. The laser uses low energy setting to disable the unwanted hair. They say two to three treatments are good but it depends on your age, and metabolism. Those two things play a big role on how long it takes your body to grow hair. You hair density and cycle also plays a role in it.

Laser hair removal doesn’t require for you to be bed ridden for a week either! You can go back to work the same day if you’d like. It’s important to get the area cleansed before returning to your everyday agenda. You also have to make sure you walk around with sunscreen. The last thing you need is sunburn after laser hair removal.

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