Yeast: How To Avoid Yeast Infections.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Yeast is their arch enemy. Everybody carries Candida in their bodies naturally. The overgrowth of Candida albicans is what causes infection. Women are not the only ones that suffer and it also causes overgrowth in many areas in the body other than down below. Candida is probably one of the most common bacterial overgrowths anyone would experience. So it’s important to know about it and how to keep it under control.

There are foods that promote overgrowth, so try to limit them and eat them in moderation if you notice signs of a yeast increase. Alcohol, dairy, fruit, sugar, vinegar except apple cider vinegar are all foods you should watch out for if you notice yourself having constant infections. Yeast dwells in the gastrointestinal tract and the genital area. Those in perfect health carry the bacteria but when there is a negative slope in the immune system that balance may get out of whack which creates an aggressive fungus. The fungus then eats into the lining of the intestines allowing toxins and partially digested proteins to be absorbed into the blood stream. Trust me, you feel the effects!

Birth control pills, steroids and antibiotics also trigger this bacterial monster. How do you know you have an infection? Well, special feminine areas may be irritated and women may notice a cottage cheese like discharge with a lot of discomfort. Men usually don’t experience symptoms around their genitals; they’re always the lucky ones. Yeast can also grow in the mouth which is not flattering and rather inconvenient.

Some strategies can help you re-balance your body so that it can heal itself. Anti-biotics and other medications can take the symptoms away but won’t actually cure you only leading you through a vicious cycle of infections. For a minimum of 2-3 weeks make sure you cut out all of the yeast promoting foods. You also need to cut out carbs from your diet. Go vegan for a little bit. I suggest adopting the lifestyle completely but going on your own pace. Change does not happen over night so perseverance is the key.

Once you notice your body re-balancing then you can re-introduce the foods moderately. It’s when you eat them excessively that causes the imbalance. Take some pro-biotics like acidophilus and Bifidobateria spp. It will make it hard for the yeast to grow in your tummy. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria just named above which is why it triggers the overgrowth. Garlic is a natural antifungal and kills off unhealthy bacteria from your body. Oregano does the same but it a lot stronger which may even kill off the good bacteria along with the bad. Don’t let your body get to the state of infection. It’s an infection I wouldn’t wish on any of my enemies. Prevention is the best cure.